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Date: 2005-01
An email exchange between Rafic Ellis and Kail Ellis on the history of Yousef Hobeiche's history in the Lebanese gendarmerie, dated 13 January 2005.

Date: 1926-07
A photograph and note from Yousef Hobeiche to Angele Ellis, dated 14 July 1926. Yousef sits for a portrait in the Lebanese gendarmerie uniform.

Date: 1926
A photograph of Yousef Hobeiche in the Lebanese gendarmerie taken in Khiam Marjeyoun, dated 1926. Inscription reads, "My unit during inspection. I had broken my leg some time ago, and I couldn't wear the boots, so I dressed in a suit."

Date: 1926
A photograph of Yousef Hobeiche and fellow officers in the Lebanese gendarmerie circa 1926.

رسالة من الدكتور انيس (الاسم الاخير غير واضح) الى امين الريحاني بتاريخ 19 تشرين الاول 1918. فيها يطلب الدكتور، وهو في الجندية، من الريحاني، وكان حينها ذو مركزٍ "في نظارة الحربية" - اي وزارة الدفاع - مساعدته على التعيين كضابط في القسم الطبي او الصحي…

Date: 13-Jun-58
A copy of the letter describing Joe Salem's appointment to the position of Major in the Army Reserves.

Listing on local men in armed forces and their commendations.

Army Pvt. George Joseph Amash achieved accelerated promotion to the rank of Private E-2 by finishing in the top one-third of his graduating company.

Army Pvt. George Joseph Amash scored "expert" with M-14 rifle in final stage of basic combat training.
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