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Date: 1992 Apr 5
Program booklet for "Oriental Moods," a dance performance sponsored by Ahlam. Event program includes dances performed by members of the Mitchel Kaltsunas Ensemble.

Date: 1992 Apr 5
Flyer for an Oriental Dance Workshop and performance in Andover, Massachusetts.

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Date: undated
Flyer for an event at the Albany Law School Women's Building titled "Women Alive III: A Multicultural Performance."

Date: 1992
Flyers and other information for events featuring performer Karen Barbee during the year 1992.

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Date: 1992 Oct 17
Program booklet for "A Night at the Casbah," an event sponsored by Azziza Productions. Includes advertisements related to dance.

Date: 1992 Sep 22
Correspondence from Azziza Productions to Genevieve R. Joseph regarding the performance of "A Night at the Casbah" in Boston, Massachusetts. Includes a preview of the show lineup and a diagram of the venue floor plan.

Date: 1992 October
Flyer announcing the return of Mahmoud Reda as well as a brief biography of him and a calendar of events for his workshop. Includes handwritten notes on dance steps.

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Date: 1994 Mar 5
Event program for the 1994 Hudson River Dance Festival, in which Yallah Dance Ensemble performed. Sponsored by the Capital Ballet Company of Albany, New York, the festival included guest dance companies Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company, The Irish…

Date: 1992 July
Flyer for a dance seminar and performance titled "Eastern Veils and Island Leis" in Groton, Massachusetts.

Date: undated
Newspaper article in the Daily Gazette of Schenectady about the Hudson River Dance Festival.

Date: 1992 Oct 3
Program for an event titled "Let's Party! Let's Dance! Hafli" in Hadley, Massachusetts.

Date: 1992 Apr 9
Flyer for an event titled "Ethnic Dances of the Near East" sponsored by eba Center for Dance and Movement and featuring the Yallah Dance Ensemble.

Date: circa 1993
Flyer announcing the arrival of dancer Zayda for a Egyptian Dance Workshop. Also includes an advertisement for Yallah Dance Ensemble's "Caravans and Desert Sands."

Date: 1992
Program for "Discover Dance" event celebrating eba Dance Theatre's 20th anniversary.

Date: undated
Program for an event titled "Festival of the Nile" sponsored by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture through members of the Nile Traditional Folklore Group.

Date: 1992 Jan
Flyer with information about Ellen Laincz Middle Eastern Designs costume company out of Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

Date: 1993 Dec
Newspaper article about the Albany First Night festival, in which the Yallah Dance Ensemble performed.

Date: undated
Article from International Folk Dancing U.S.A. titled "Danse Orientale Technique."

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Date: undated
Pamphlet about "Performer and Instructor of Oriental Dance" Katia Nordgren.

Date: 1992 Oct
Certificate of Achievement awarded to Genevieve [R.] Joseph by Mahmoud Reda for completion of a two day workshop in Egyptian Dance in 1992.

Date: 1994 Sep 14
This type-written letter from Marion F. Newton to Genevieve R. Joseph thanks Joseph for her participation in the SUNY (State University of New York) Child Care Conference in June 1994. Newton notifies Joseph that the Middle Eastern Ensemble's dance…

Date: 1990s
Print-out of a photograph of three members of the Yallah Dance Ensemble, which performed Far Eastern Dance, on the Marlowe Music website. The photograph shows three women, one of which is Genevieve R. Joseph, in dance costume smiling and posing for…

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Date: 1991 May 18
Flyer for an event titled "Ali Baba Night: An Evening of Middle East Entertainment," including a performance by the Yallah Dance Ensemble.

Date: 1992 Apr
Pamphlet of Middle East Cafe's schedule of events and activities for the month of April 1992.

Date: 1992 May 30
Flyer for an event featuring performer Najwa Karam in New Jersey.
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