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Date: 1997
The vinyl recording of Danny Thomas with Toufic Barham. Sides 1 & 2: Arabic Folksongs.

Date: 1997
Cover and copyright pages of The North Carolina Museum of Art: The First Fifty Years, 1947-1997, A Selected Chronology, which
Book 1_ocr_wm.pdf

Date: 1997
The four Abed children--Mira, Erica, Richard, and Sasha--posing in the cedars of Lebanon.
Abed_children in cedars_wm.jpg

Date: 1997
A picture of the Abed family--Susan, Charlie, and their four children Mira, Erica, Richard, and Sasha--sitting outside in Lebanon during a family vacation.
Abed_family 2 Nov1997_wm.jpg
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