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A newspaper article titled "Hastings Man Hit By Trolley Dies of Injuries" about Joseph Oussani's death, dated 1934.

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Article titled "Hastings Man Hit By Trolley Dies of Injuries" detailing the death and obituary of Joseph Oussani who died in 1934.

A letter, written 30 Jan 1934, from Harlem Hospital in New York, certifying that Joseph Oussani, 54 years of age, was admitted on January 19, diagnosed with a fractured skull and diabetes, and died on 21 January 1934.

نسخة من رسالة امين الريحاني الى النادي الرياضي الاسلامي في يافا بتاريخ 21 كانون الثاني 1934. الريحاني يهنيء النادي بالعيد ويحثهم على مواصلة الروح الوطنية.
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