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"...Precina Joreple, an Assyrian woman, was charged with disorderly conduct..." 1899

"...the Syrian merchant, Kalila, who threw a pair of shoes at a departing customer, was discharged..." 1902

"A fresh detachment of Syrians arrived in the city today." 1900

"A Host of Syrians" 1897

"A party of about twenty Syrians arrived here yesterday." 1897

"A Syrian In Trouble. Michael Kourani Charged With Embezzlement, Arrested by Detective Green." 1900

"A Syrian Merchant Arrested...betrayal of a girl..." 1897

"A Syrian Merchant's Way." 1902

"A Syrian Wedding. Nackley Scraehid...was Miss Mary Gideon..." 1897

"A Syrian, H. Abdella, was tried by Justice Fowler yesterday for larceny by trick." 1899

"A Syrian, Henry Dielepop, was tried in the police court..." 1899

"About A Pair Of Pants. A Trial in which an Assyrian and an African Figured." 1899

"An Asyrian Mix-Up. A Live Fight on Market Street Yesterday in Which Five Asyrians Participated." 1905

"An Incorrigible Syrian. Son of Orient Before Mayor in Police Court--Reckless Driving." 1907

"An Interesting Entertainment. Rev. Faddhul Moghabghab...will deliver a lecture..." 1894

"Andrews 4th of July Celebration is Considered Outstanding Success"

"Antonio Maria...was ordered to be locked up..." 1887

"Around The State: Monroe Journal"

"Arrested For Embezzlement. Detective Green Picks Up a Syrian Who is Wanted in Pennsylvania." 1900

"Assaulted a Syrian" 1900

"Auction Sale of Clothing Dress Goods, Shoes, Etc At 19 and 21 South Front Street." 1903

"Back To Syria. William Simon Released From Sentence and Joins Brother in New York." 1905

"Boufarah Paid Costs. Young Man Charged With Swatting Stranger--Great Provocation." 1909

"Bound Over to Court. Josh Simeon, a Syrian, was arraigned yesterday..." 1900

"Brought One Hundred. Excess of Boufarrah's Stock Sold This Morning." 1906

"Burglary. Hickel Gideon...reported...that his house had been visited by robbers..." 1895

"Business Icon Passes Away"

"Came After The Embezzler." 1900

"Card From Mr. Yeager." Yeager defends the Syrian character against stereotypes, 1912

"Charged With Larceny."

"Charles Sleen, a Syrian pool room keeper, was arrested..."

"Citizenship Papers Filed By Shennarah" 1926

"Cruelty To Animals. William Simons, an Assyrian, was arrested this afternoon...[for] overdriving his horse..." 1901

"Death Of A Greek. A. Boufarrow Passed Away This Morning." 1906

"Death of An Assyrian...Joseph Michel...died last night..." 1900

"Declares Intentions...George Faddoul Najim..." 1927

"Defacing U. S. Coin. Case to be Tried To-day by U. S. Commissioner Bunting." 1898

"Depredations of Thieves. Store Owned By Assyrians is Systematically Robbed." 1898

"Diabi Kaille and Maggie Joseph, two Syrians, were tried...for assault..." 1900

"Died Yesterday Morning. Mrs. Jamal Simon, Died at Hospital After Brief Illness." 1909

"Discharged. William Simons...brought before...the Superior Court, for examination for lunacy." 1901

"El-Khouri Retires"

"Embezzlement is Charged." 1909

"Execution on Syrian Store." 1906

"Fined For No License." H. Esse Draws Heavy Penalty for Doing Business Without License." 1919

"Fines are Remitted...peddling without a license..." 1919

"For Receiving Stolen Property." 1899

"Four Assyrians arrived over the Coast Line from New York Yesterday..." 1897

"Funeral of A. S. Boufarrah. Dead Syrian Laid to Rest This Afternoon." 1906

"Gone and Left Us" 1877

"H. Abdallah, one of the Syrian merchants of the city, asks..." 1904

"Had His Foot Cut Off. A Syrian at the Norfolk Excursion Sustains Painful Accident." 1899

"He Was a Syrian. A. Boufarrah, who died yesterday, was a Syrian and not a Greek..." 1906

"Heikel Gideon...has gotten a part of the goods back through the efforts of the police." 1898

"Held For A Serious Charge. A Young Assyrian Arrested Charged With Criminal Assault." 1898

"Horses' Kick Crushed Skull. William Simon, a Syrian, Perhaps Fatally Injured at Kenansville." 1903

"In A Strange Land. Two Assyrian Ministers Pay Wilmington A Visit." 1898

"In Magistrate Courts...Elias Boufarah" 1900

"In The Police Court. Syrian's Assailant and Two Negro Gamblers Bound Over." 1903

"In The Service. Returns To Station." 1942

"James New...charged with striking William Simons, the Syrian, with a brick." 1901

"Joe Simon, the Syrian-merchant, has purchased..." 1903

"Jos. Simon, a Syrian merchant, has rented of Mr. A. D. Wessell..." 1899

"Joseph Michel, an Assyrian, was officially declared insane..." 1900

"Joseph Michel...died in the City Hospital..." 1900

"Joseph Mitchell...has been declared insane..." 1900

"Joseph Simon (Syrian) charged with disorderly conduct..." 1896

"Joseph Simon...was arrested this morning..." 1897

"Josh Simon, a Syrian, was arraigned before Mayor Waddell...on the charge of steeling..." 1900

"Josh Simon, a well-known merchant of the Syrian colony, has gone for a trip back..." 1907

"K. Sedlin...charged with larceny by trick..." 1900

"Larceny by Trick Charged." 1909

"Lecture by an Arab Preacher." 1894

"License was issued...for the marriage of Nagsel Sargany and Maggie Sarkis..." 1911

"Lived Here Formerly. Mr. Ice Bow Farah, a Syrian merchant, has sold his business..." 1902

"Lively Syrian Scene. A Scrap Yesterday in Which a Whole Family Took a Hand." 1902

"Local Dots. Mr. Heikel Gideon...was yesterday morning adjudged a bankrupt..." 1913

"Married Yesterday Afternoon...Nackley Miss Mary Gideon..." 1897

"Mayor's Court Today. Negro Bound Over to the Superior Court." 1907

"Merchant For False Pretense" 1908

"Miriam Boufarrah Institutes Suit Against Husband" 1906

"Miss Alice Saleeby...was engaged to Mr. George F. Majim..." 1933

"Nabbed By Detective Green. Michael Kourani, a Syrian, Charged With Embezzlement." 1900

"Negro Cut a Syrian. William Simon...was slashed Saturday night by Virgil Brown..." 1903

"Negro Desperadoes. One Syrian Shot and Another Badly Slashed..." 1902

"Not Guilty. Justice Jno. J. Fowler tried J. Sidlin, an Assyrian, today for larceny..." 1900

"Novel Rent Hearing. Syrian in Possession of South Front Street Store Refuses to Vacate." 1906

"Officers of Palmetto Syrian Group Re-Elected" 1934

"Oriental Goods. Gora & Maloof Will Open in New Building on Princess St." 1906

"Peddling Without License." 1919

"Petition In Bankruptcy. Mr. H. Gideon, Front Street Merchant, Failed Yesterday." 1913

"Pithy Locals. Michael his leg broken..." 1905

"Pithy Locals. On complaint of a Syrian merchant..." 1899

"Recorder's Court Today: The Boufarah-Guthrie Case Was Investigated." 1909

"Rev. G. M. Korkemas, a Maranite missionary...left today..." 1900

"Robbed Syrian. Store Entered Last Night and $73 Taken--Police Investigating." 1914

"Row In Syrian Quarter. Belligerent Negro, Whom Storekeepers Accused of Theft, Fought Accusers." 1902

"Salim preparing to enter suit against the Western Union..." 1913

"Salin Sarihane, a Syrian peddler, for peddling without a license..." 1899

"Saves Syrian's Life. Mr. John Conway Rescues Drowning Man at Lumina." 1911

"Schibley Boufarrah and James A. Job arrested for mail order swindle, 1920

"Schrohid was brought here this morning and is now behind the bars." 1897

"Sent to the County Roads. William Simon..." 1901

"Sent To The Recorder. Syrian Merchant Charged With Forcible Trespass and Assault." 1909

"Slashed With A Knife. Negro Severely Cut a Young Syrian Last Night." 1903

"Stolen Goods Found." 1898

"Store Boldly Robbed." 1898

"Store Broken Open. Goods to the Value of a Hundred Dollars or More Stolen." 1898

"Store Robbed Of Money. Unknown Person Enters D. Kaille's Place of Business on Market Street Last Night." 1914

"Struck Syrian With a Brick." 1901

"Stuart Fefel....was liberated today." 1914

"Suit Ends In An Execution. Elias Bufarrah's Store Is Closed By Constable." 1906

"Syrian Accidentally Shot." 1903

"Syrian And Negro Fought. Porter at Bellamy's Drug Store and Wm. Simon at War Yesterday." 1904

"Syrian Beaten While Asleep. Sam Gaki Says He Has No Idea Who His Assailant Was." 1931

"Syrian Bought Stock." 1903

"Syrian Bound Over. Conclusive Evidence Showing That He Cruelly Beat His Horse." 1901

"Syrian Boy Shot." 1903

"Syrian Child: Narrowly Escaped Death By Drowning Last Night at Foot of Dock Street" 1910

"Syrian Exonerated. Shibley Bufarrow...accused of receiving stolen goods..." 1899

"Syrian In More Trouble. Another Execution is Issued Against Him in Magistrate's Court Today." 1906

"Syrian In Trouble. Negor Customer Angered a Storekeeper and a Court Scrape Resulted." 1903

"Syrian Injured. Head Was Bumped by Falling of Wheel from Lift." 1905

"Syrian Marriage" 1900

"Syrian Merchant Arrested. Two Serious Charges are Made Against Josh Simon." 1909

"Syrian Merchant of Chadbourn is in Tight Place" 1923

"Syrian Owed Money." 1902

"Syrian Store Closed. Under Execution and Levy From Justice's Court Yesterday." 1906

"Syrian Wedding Yesterday." Amin Wackaaim and Sophia Atit, 1900

"Syrian Wedding." Hikel Gideon and Latife Joseph, 1897

"Syrian Woman Dies. Mrs. Hikell Gideon..." 1905

"Syrians Fall Out. One Claims the Other is Defrauding Him in Business and Seeks the Law for Protection."

"Syrians In Court. Four of Five Charged With Beating Negro Convicted." 1907

"Syrians in General Fight" 1905

"Syrians in Trouble. Josh Simon, William Simon, and Isaac Simon...were arraigned..." 1901

"Syrians Pummeled Negro. Lively Encounter on Lower Market Street Yesterday About Noon." 1907

"The Assyrian Conglomeration that infests South Front street..." 1898

"The Municipal Court. Assyrian Found Guilty of Larceny and Sent Over to Next Criminal Court." 1900

"The negro Virgil Brown, who slashed Jim Simons, a Syrian..." 1903

"The New York Times records the arrival of the Arabs at that place." 1877

"The Peddlers License. A Word or Two About How Many Peddlers Fake it." 1897

"The Recorder's Court. Josh Simon, Syrian, Found Not Guilty of Forcible Trespass." 1909

"The store of N. McCosta, a Syrian...was broken open..." 1900

"The Syrian Exonerated. The case against James Simon..." 1898

"The Syrian Robbed Again." 1895

"The Syrian, who was adjudged insane Tuesday, objects..." 1900

"The two Syrians, Isaac Simons and Joseph McGuire, arrested..." 1897

"There are eight native Syrians in Winston." 1893

"They Were Badly Hoaxed. The Assyrians Find That This is Not the Land of Promise." 1897

"Thirty Day Patients....Tuck Mohanica...arrested..." 1902

"Three Assyrians from Bayroot Syria landed in the city." 1897

"Three Syrians with unpronounceable names..." 1897

"To Ice-Bon-Farah; You are hereby commanded to personally appear before the District Court of the United States..." 1902

"Trumped-Up Charge. Millon Simon, a fourteen-year old Syrian, peddling in Whiteville, was arrested..." 1898

"Two Arabs, a woman and a man, occupied seats on the mourner's bench, having been taken up under the vagrant act." 1888

"Two Syrians Held for Trial at Next Term of the Court" 1920

"Visits Twin-City. Prominent Syrian Gets Facts Regarding Winston-Salem." 1908

"W. Simon, a Syrian, who faced charges of carrying concealed weapons..." 1911

"Waddell Boufarrah, a prominent Syrian Merchant...died Sunday night." 1907

"Want to Go Home" 1877

"War Shipley, a Syrian, was granted a foot-peddler's license." 1902

"Will Be Full of Interest."

"William Simon's Skull Crushed by a Kick." 1903

"William Simon, the young Syrian, was tried for cruelty to animals..." 1901

"William Simon...has recently been examined for lunacy..." 1901

"Wired For Brother. Joe Simon Going Home a Wealthy Man Would Carry Brother." 1905


A social event at the home of Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Vafiadi, 1912

Ama Simons and Joseph Michaels refused wedding license, 1897

Andrews Chamber of Commerce Banquet 1995

Andrews Lions Club Publicity Scrapbook, 1958-1961

Andrews Lions Club Scrapbook

Article About Joseph and Rose El-Khouri's 60th Wedding Anniversary

Article on El-Khouri Family History

Assyrian woman charged with picking up a ten dollar bill from the ground, 1897

Assyrians "betray an anxiety to sell their wares that borders on indiscretion." 1897


Castle Street Dry Goods Store advertisement, 1926

Chamber Hosts Christmas Party

Clippings from The Andrews Journal October 1966

Correspondence Regarding Receipt of Wilmington Newspaper Clippings


Ellis B. Farah marries Mrs. Annie M. Robbins, 1898


Hikel Gideon writes the editor who wrongly referred to Gideon as a troublesome immigrant peddling without license, 1897

Hiker Gideon's room robbed, 1895

Hotel Reservation Receipts


Interest sold in Schibley Baufarah & Co., 1904


Khouri's Department Store Article in The Andrews Journal


Library Note for Eyvon Eyash Obituary


Marriage license issued for Amin Wackaaim and Sophia Atit, 1900

Marriage License issued for Isaac Simon and Mary Abdallah, 190?

Mayor orders a Syrian stand removed, 1895

Michael Romanus marries Waddee Judge, 1899


Newspaper Clipping: Concerning Marriage of Rose Isaac and Joseph El-Khouri

Newspaper Clipping: Joe El-Khouri Presenting Check to Simonds

Newspaper Clipping: Joseph El-Khouri (United Way) Presenting Check to Valleytown Center 11/24/1988

Newspaper Clipping: Joseph El-Khouri Receiving United Way Trophy 4/13/1989

Newspaper Clippings: "A Day at the Depot" El-Khouri's at Andrews, NC Train Station 4/6/1989

Newspaper Clippings: Concerning Andrews Food Bank and Joe El-Khouri

Newspaper Clippings: Marriage of Marsha El-Khouri and Claude Shiver

Note on Simon File


Obituary--Mrs. C. B. Redmond, 1941


Syrian firm prepares to rent a store, 1900

Syrian merchant asks to keep his stand, 1897

Syrian peddler stand removed in favor of retired police officer, 1896

Syrians receive wine and olives from Damascus, 1896


The Star calls " the rough and unkind treatment" of Syrian peddlers, 1897

Thomas Bonfarah "Died In Syria" 1908


Wilmington Newspaper Collection Surname Descriptions