The Syrian World Volume 03, Issue 04


The Syrian World Volume 03, Issue 04


Vol 3. Issue 04 of The Syrian World published October 1928. The issue begins with a continuation of Count Philip Terrazi's article discussing the Beyrouth Museum. He begins by talking about the collection of Southern Lebanese pottery that would have been handmade, some of which were made at the end of the Chalcolithic period. Terrazi continues by discussing sarcophagi and metal items like weapons and jewelry contained within the museum. Next is a long poem titled "O Freedom" by Ameen Rihani. Following it is a continuation of "The Sage of Washington Street - On Divided Loyalty" by A. Hakim. Another of Kahlil Gibran's short stories is included next
titled "The Plutocrat," it seems to detail themes of greed. Next is continuation of Philip K. Hitti's discussion of Usamah an Arab warrior of the crusades, and a translation of Al-Farid's "Wine Lyric." There is a follow up to "Syria for the Syrians" by Dr. M. Shadid, as it "stirred up discussion" in the February Issue. Areph El-Khoury's "The Bride of the Brave," a discussion on chivalrous marriage customs in Syria, is featured next. The final article discusses Palestine's economic readjustment following the crisis of 1925. The issue concludes with excerpts from the Arab press, the reader's forum, and political developments in Syria.


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