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Date: 1929-10-31
Confirmation of Engagement for a speaking engagement held by the Foreign Policy Association. The event was held by Open Court Publishing at Northwestern University in Chicago. Ameen F. Rihani was a speaker on the topic "Where East and West Meet." The…

Date: 1931-02-10
Foreign Policy Association Confirmation of Engagement, dated February 10, 1931. The document lists Ameen F. Rihani as a speaker at the West Side YMCA on March 30, 1931. The topic of the talk is listed at "Where East and West Meet."

Invitation to "Where East and West Meet" talk at Northwestern University, undated. The document invites all who might be interested to attend and gives location information, as well as a brief introduction to Ameen F. Rihani. It also states that the…
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