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An article in the Raleigh News & Observer profiling Fahd Saleh, the patriarch of the Saleh family, to commemorate his life after his September 2007 death.
saleh_fahd saleh article obituary september 2007_ocr_wm.pdf

A photograph of unidentified Saleh family and friends celebrating the opening of the Neomonde bakery in 1979,
saleh_unidentified family and friends at neomonde opening 1979.jpg

A photograph of Sam Saleh, taken in 1974.
saleh_sam saleh headshot 1974.jpg

A photograph of Moussa Domit (left) and Sam Saleh (center) with an unidentified woman, standing near a painting.
saleh_moussa and sam 1975.jpg

A picture of Sam Saleh with members of the Joyner family. The Joyners served as mentors to Sam after the Saleh family immigrated to Raleigh, North Carolina.
saleh_sam with joyner family mentors_ciorca 1970s.jpg

Sam Saleh's Lebanese identification documents and photograph.

A snapshot of the Saleh family on their first trip to the Atlantic beaches of North Carolina following their immigration.

Two photographs of the friends, relatives and descendants of Fahd Saleh, taken at his funeral in September, 2007.

A snapshot of Sam and Betty Saleh.
saleh_sam and betty in the 1970s.jpg

A snapshot of Sam and Betty on the occasion of Betty's graduation from high school in 1977.

A photograph of Sam Saleh at work at Neomonde Baking Company in 1979.
saleh_sam saleh working in neomonde baking co 1979_wm.jpg
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