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An article in the Raleigh News & Observer profiling Fahd Saleh, the patriarch of the Saleh family, to commemorate his life after his September 2007 death.
saleh_fahd saleh article obituary september 2007_ocr_wm.pdf

Date: 1979
A photograph of unidentified Saleh family and friends celebrating the opening of the Neomonde bakery in 1979,
saleh_unidentified family and friends at neomonde opening 1979.jpg

Date: 1974
A photograph of Sam Saleh, taken in 1974.
saleh_sam saleh headshot 1974.jpg

Date: 1975
A photograph of Moussa Domit (left) and Sam Saleh (center) with an unidentified woman, standing near a painting.
saleh_moussa and sam 1975.jpg

Date: Unknown
A picture of Sam Saleh with members of the Joyner family. The Joyners served as mentors to Sam after the Saleh family immigrated to Raleigh, North Carolina.
saleh_sam with joyner family mentors_ciorca 1970s.jpg

Date: 1972
Sam Saleh's Lebanese identification documents and photograph.

Date: Unknown
A snapshot of the Saleh family on their first trip to the Atlantic beaches of North Carolina following their immigration.

Date: 2007
Two photographs of the friends, relatives and descendants of Fahd Saleh, taken at his funeral in September, 2007.

Date: circa 1975
A snapshot of Sam and Betty Saleh.
saleh_sam and betty in the 1970s.jpg

Date: 1977
A snapshot of Sam and Betty on the occasion of Betty's graduation from high school in 1977.

Date: 1979
A photograph of Sam Saleh at work at Neomonde Baking Company in 1979.
saleh_sam saleh working in neomonde baking co 1979_wm.jpg
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