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Date: 1971
A newspaper clipping detailing a meeting of the 1971 NC General Assembly, which was adjourned early in the memory of Albert Ellis.Second page of article missing.

Date: Jan-62
A snapshot of Amelia and Joseph Salem, sitting together indoors.

A portrait photograph of Joseph and Amelia Salem, possibly taken in the 1990's.

A snapshot of Joseph Salem at one of his birthday parties, taken in May of 2007 or 2008.

Date: Jul-59
A photograph of Joseph Salem, standing outside in his United States Army uniform.

Date: 26-Dec-97
A photograph of Joseph Salem, taken the day after Christmas in 1997.

Date: circa 1980
A photograph of the Salem family.

Left to Right, Back Row: Maija, Amelia (plain white, second from left), Scott Naeser (striped), Michael Ray (green), Jay, Joseph (seated in chair).

Front: Alex (pink), Donna (red), Ron (blue), Annie (girl)
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