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A letter written by Anis' niece, Dorothy Fuleihan O'Keefe, regarding a search for one of his pieces of music

Date: 1925-09-12
A marriage certificate for Nasri Fuleihan and Isabel Oussani, married 12 September 1925 in New York by Rev. Thomas O'Keefe and with witnesses George Fuleihan and Margaret Oussani, dated 1968

Date: 1953
A letter from Anis Fuleihan at American University in Beirut, Lebanon to Frank and Dorothy O'Keefe in Bronxville, NY

Date: 1951-11-18
A letter from Pvt. N. Fuleihan stationed at Camp Chaffee Arkansas to Mr. and Mrs. Frank O'Keefe dated 18 November 1951. Another letter written in penci is included, but not dated.

Date: 1949
Dorothy Fuleihan's wedding announcement to Francis P. O'Keefe. "Miss Fuleihan, Mr. O'Keefe, To Be Married"
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