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Date: 1968
This book was published in English to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Al-Hoda newspaper. It is a narrative history of the paper, its founders Naoum and Salloum Mokarzel, the independence movement and formation of Lebanon, and early 20th-century…
al hoda book_sm_wm.pdf

Date: Unknown
A copy of a portrait of Naoum Mokarzel. (Folder 2-1-1-27)
Mokarzel 2-1-1-27 Naoum_WM.jpg

Date: Unknown
A copy of a portrait of Naoum Mokarzel. (Folder 2-1-1-10)
Mokarzel 2-1-1-10 Naoum Mokarzel Portrait_WM.jpg

Date: 1911
A photo of Naoum Mokarzel with his wife and brother in law. Left to Right: Naoum Mokarzel, Rose Abillama Mokarzel, and Asad Abillama, (Folder 2-1-1-9)
Mokarzel 2-1-1-9 Group Portrait_WM.jpg

Date: 1923
الشواعر الشريفة [The Noble Sentiments] is an edited collection of poems and speeches presented on April 7, 1923 in honor of Silver Anniversary celebration of Al-Hoda [Guidance]; the second half of the text contains material presented at a similar…
The Noble Sentiments_wm_sm2.pdf
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