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Date: 1920's
Mikail and Mary in which they are both wearing formal clothing. Caption on the back reads, "Mikail and Mary Mitri-Wehbie (Saliha). 1920's."

Date: 1933 ish
Mikail Mitri-Wehbie stands in front of the crates of beer as he pours himself a glass of beer. His son, Chris Wehbie stands behind the crates and smiles. The back of the photo states, "First load of legal beer after prohibition. Mikail Mitri-Wehbie…

Date: 1930's
Mary Nehra Saliba Wehbie and Mikail Mitri Wehbie in separate portraits that have been placed in decorative, golden frames. There are also attached notes that identify both Saliba and Wehbie.

Date: 1930's
Portrait of Mikail Mitri-Wehbie Saliba (Nell Mettrey Kahdy's maternal grandfather). Caption on the back reads, "Nell Mettrey Kahdy's mom's dad. Mikail Mitri-Wehbie Saliba. Early 1900's."

Date: 1939-11-13
A note in Arabic that is dated as November 13, 1939. There is also a note from Nell's father Michael Wehbie who states that he misses her very much and asks that she write back to him whenever she has time. Date at the top of the letter is November…
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