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Date: 1920's
Mikail and Mary in which they are both wearing formal clothing. Caption on the back reads, "Mikail and Mary Mitri-Wehbie (Saliha). 1920's."

Date: 1920's-30's
Chris and Mary Wehbie stand next to each other behind a car on a dirt road.

Date: 1920's-30's
Mike and Mary Mitri-Wehbie, Nell Kahdy's parents, standing outside against a car. Mike Wehbie props against the spare wheel attached to the trunk of the car while Mary Wehbie stands to his left. Caption on the back reads, "Nell's father and mother.…

Date: 1930's
Mary Nehra Saliba Wehbie and Mikail Mitri Wehbie in separate portraits that have been placed in decorative, golden frames. There are also attached notes that identify both Saliba and Wehbie.

Date: 1940's
Mary Wehbie stands in the middle of Chris and Sam Wehbie in front of the family restaurant and tavern wearing their WWII military uniforms. Mary Wehbie is wearing a dress with an apron over it.

Date: 1950's
Mary Wehbie holding her coat and standing on the sidewalk of a busy street with stores and cars in the background. The back of the photo says, "Mother in Marseilles. Mary Wehbie Lebanon trip 1950s"

Date: 1950's
Mary Wehbie and aunt Sultani standing next to each other as Mary Wehbie wraps her arm around aunt Sultani's shoulder. On the back of the photo, it reads, "Sittie Wehbie, mother and aunt Sultani. Sultani was Nell's aunt, her mother's sister. Taken in…

Date: 1950's
Mary Wehbie and two women wait on the deck of a boat as it goes through a drill. The back of the photo states, "Boat drill. Left to right, Jewish woman from Egypt, mother (Sittie Mary), and a woman from Hammarah"

Date: mid 1950's
Georgette Wehbie and Nell Kahdy sitting side by side on a couch. Caption on the back reads, "Georgette Wehbie. Nell Kahdy in Mary Wehbie's (her mother) home at 425 N. Bloodworth St. Raleigh. Mid 50's."
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