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Date: Unknown
Vera and Moise Khayrallah pose together for a photograph; Vera is wearing graduation robes and holding a diploma.

Date: Unknown
A photograph of Vera Tayeh Khayrallah, dressed in graduate robes, cutting a cake. Three unidentified people are visible in the background. The photograph is part of a set labeled "87m Host Family."

Date: circa 1960s
Graduation photo of Moussa Domit
moussa graduation_wm.jpg

Date: 1962
A photograph of Raja Khalifah (fourth from left) marching in his graduation from the American University of Beirut, from which he obtained a BS in Chemistry.

Date: 1962
A photograph of Raja Khalifah before his 1962 graduation from the American Univresity of Beirut.

Date: Unknown
A group photograph of Raja Khalifah's father's graduating class.

Date: 1977
A snapshot of Sam and Betty on the occasion of Betty's graduation from high school in 1977.

Date: June 8, 1945
"Commencement Exercises of Cathedral Latin High School," the graduation ceremony program for Philip Shehdan.

Date: May 1945
A selection of articles and clippings on the occasion of Philip Shedan's graduation from the Cathedral Latin High School in Raleigh, North Carolina. These clippings were taken from The Cathedralite, the school's publication, and include a brief…

Date: 1996
A photograph of Vera and Moise Khayrallah taken at Moise Khayrallah's graduation from the doctoral program in psychology at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.
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