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Date: 1934
Nell Kahdy dressed in graduation attire. Caption on the back reads, "Nell Kahdy. High School graduation."

Date: 1934
Nell Kahdy smiling in her graduation cap and gown at Hugh Morson High School in Raleigh, North Carolina. Caption on the back reads, "Hugh Morsen High School diploma. Raleigh. Nellie Mettrey."

Date: 1939
George Kahdy dressed in a suit and tie. Caption on the back reads, "George 1939. Graduate Lanier High School."

Date: 1950's
Young Barbara Kahdy stands with her eyes closed in graduation attire next to two unknown people. An unknown woman in a matching graduation robe stands behind Barbara Kahdy and a young boy who is also wearing the graduation robe. The back of the photo…

Nell Mettrey Kahdy's High School Graduation portrait, taken around 1931 to 1934
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