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Date: 1912
A transcript for Nasri Fuleihan from Purdue University dated 1908-1912

Date: 1912
A transcript from Purdue University for Nasri Fuleihan for June 1912

Date: about 1912
Picture of Nasri Fuleihan in the Indaniapolis News, where he is listed as president of Purdue University's Cosmopolitan Club Officers

Date: 1914
A drawing of a sailboat with color, dated 1914

Date: 1919
Two articles from the New York Times, labeled as November 20, 1919. The first titled "Anis Fuleihan Plays" and the second, "Le Concert de Mr. Fuleihan." The first in English the second in French

Date: 1919
Copy of a newspaper article, "Anis Fuleihan Plays," from the New York Times 1919 advertising Anis Fuleihan's debut at 19 years old

Date: 1919
A newspaper article titled "Pianist Makes Debut" describing Anis Fuleihan's debut in New York

Date: 1919
A Certificate of British Nationality for Nasri Fuleihan, Civil Engineer, dated 31 July 1919

Date: 1921
Receipt/ Stubs paid to the "les amis du progres" order of Free Masons in Mansourah. The document states that Nasir Fleihan's payment to the "till" was received for subscription. One of the stubs is from 22 of April of 1921 for an amount of 30 and the…

Date: 1921
A certificate/diploma for Nasri Fleihan certifying his new rank of Maitre or Master within the Free Masons in June 15, 1921. The document also states he was born in Cyprus in 1891 but moved to Mansourah, Egypt. It is signed by various members of the…

Date: 1921
A masonic identity card in French for Nasri Fuleihan, one side of the document lists information including that it was given by Les Amis du Progres/ Friends of Progres, of the Mansourah order, to Nasri. The other side features stamps for "quarterly…

Date: 1921
A bill of sorts written in French. The title translated is roughly, "in the name and under the auspices of the Great Orient Supreme Conseil for France and French posessions" then the document claims that "Les amis du progres have recieved 500…

Date: 1921-06-15
Same bill as the one above stating that Les amis du progres received one hundred and ninety piastres carif from Nasri Fleihan for his diploma (certificate) and other monthly payments (menusalites). This bill is dated June 15, 1921.

Date: 1921-06-15
Same bill as the one above stating that Les amis du progres received five hundred piastres carif from Nasri Fleihan for his second and third rank in the free masons. It is dated June 15, 1921. The back of the document also has some writing that…

Date: 1921
Nasri Fuleihan's Passport

Date: 1929
An emergency program for Stadium Programs, Season of 1929, the Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra, August 6, 7, 8, Anis Fuleihan as Guest Conductor

Date: 1930-04-24
A Prince Line Passenger Ticket for Nasri Fuleihan for a first class sail from Port Said to New York dated 24 April 1930

Date: 1931-12-03
A series of documents in an envelope marked from Rising Star Lodge addressed to N. S. Fuleihan, dated 3 December 1931

Date: 1930s
A photographic negatives of various children taken during the 1930s that were found in Neville Fuleihan's baby booklet.

Date: 1934-01-21
Article titled: "Hastings Man Hit By Trolley Dies of Injuries" detailing the death and obituary of Joseph Oussani who died in 1934.

Date: 1934-01-21
A newspaper article titled "Hastings Man Hit By Trolley Dies of Injuries" about Joseph Oussani's death, dated 1934.

Date: 1937-01-01
A newspaper article from the New York Daily Mirror, 1937, titled "Music" describing the New Year's Eve performance of the Philharmonic playing a new symphony by Anis Fuleihan

A newspaper article titled "New York Syphony to play Seldom-Heard Music This Week"

Date: 1940s
Newspaper clipping describing Neville Fuleihan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nasri Fuleihan of Meadow Ave., one of 22 airmen recently graduated from ambulance driver class at Luckland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas, describing his activity and station at…

Date: 1940
"Sonata No. 1 For the Piano" by Anis Fuleihan, marked as possession of J. E. Balamos, Copyright 1940 by G. Schirmer, Inc. of New York, New York
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