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رسالة من فيلكس فارس الى امين الريحاني بتاريخ 22 اذار 1938. يبعث فارس للريحاني نسخة من "رسالة المنبر" ويطلب رأي الاخير فيها. ويخبره انه انهى ترجمة كتابي "الفريد دي موسيه" و"زارادشت" ويريد طبع الاخير ويطلب ان يكتب الريحاني مقدمته. كما يستعرض احوال مي…

Date: May 1913
Vol. 1 No. 2 of الفنون, Al-Funun, was published in May 1913. Like the first issue, this volume is comprised largely of translations, including works by British author Rudyard Kipling and German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. This issue is notable…

Date: August 1913
Vol. 1 No. 5 of الفنون, Al-Funun, was published in August 1913. This issue contains a number of pieces by the authors who would form the Pen League:  it opens with a short story by Kahlil Gibran; has two pieces by Ameen Rihani, a short story and…

Date: June 1913
Vol. 1 No. 3 of الفنون, Al-Funun, was published in June 1913. Unlike the first two issues, this journal contains a greater mixture of genres:  in addition to poetry and short stories, this issue contains many essays, including several by Arabic…
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