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Kawkab Amirka, كوكب أمريكا, Vol. 1, no. 42. English articles in this issue include: an update on British colonial control of the Ottoman Khedevite in Egypt; overview of Morocco; a history of horse racing in antiquity; a description of the Carnival of…
kawkab amirka_vol 1 no 42_jan 27 1893_wmc.pdf

Kawkab Amirka, كوكب أمريكا, Vol. 1, no. 41. Articles in English include: an update on English efforts to colonize Egypt and a summary of Barthelemy St. Hilaire's opinion on the matter. Short articles include: a description of entertainments put on…
kawkab amirka_vol 1 no 41_jan 20 1893_wmc.pdf
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