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Date: 1920s c.
A photograph of Badia Assaf sent to Angele Ellis circa 1920s.

Date: 1937 c.
A holy card from Badia Assaf to Angele Ellis circa 1937.

Date: 1980-04-30
A letter from Badia Assaf to Angele Ellis, dated 30 April 1980.

Date: 1986-08-20
A letter from Badia Assaf to Angele Ellis, dated 20 August 1986.

Date: 1986-10-08
A postcard from Badia Assaf to Angele Ellis, dated 8 October 1986. Sent from the Lady of Lebanon in Harissa, Lebanon.

Date: Unknown
This is a record, produced by the Oliver School, confirming Najeeb Assaf's graduation from 8th grade at the Oliver School. On the back it provides the date of his baptism, March 21, 1900.

Date: March 1906
This record, created at the Cross School in Lawrence, MA on March 5, 1906, details the health of Alice Assaf. It provides other information, including address, 397 Elm St., name of parents, Celia and Wadia, and occupation of parents, "jewelry" and…

Date: circa 1922
This record kept track of the admission, discharge, and promotion of students in the elementary school system. This document provides information about Alice Assaf including date and place of birth--March 5, 1904, in Lawrence, MA--name of parent,…

This record identifies Alice Assaf's address at 397 Elm St. and certifies that she has been vaccinated.

Date: July 1906
This birth record, issued by St. Anthony Syrian Maronite Roman Catholic Church at 256 Elm St., Lawrence, Massachusetts, lists Alice Assaf's date of birth as March 5, 1906 and date of baptism as July 3, 1906. It also provides her father's name, Wadih,…
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