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Date: 1956
George Kahdy and his mother Adma Kahdy standing next to each other. In the background of the photo it seems like this was taken in the forest while there was a picnic or event was set up. Caption on the back reads, "George and mother 56. Before her…

Date: 1950's
Asaf stands outside next to his wife Adma Kahdy who is sitting in a wheelchair. They are both wearing formal attire.

Date: 1956-07
Asaf Kahdy stands with his arms around his granddaughters Barbara and Georgette. George Jr. stands next to his grandmother Adma Kahdy who is holding a small bouquet of flowers. Caption on the back reads, "Georgette, dad, mom, Barbara, Georgette. Just…

Date: 1950's
Adma Sawaya Kahdy and Asaf George Kahdy both dressed formally. There are two notes attached that identify them both.

Date: 1950's
Adma Sawaya Kahdy and Spidie Zaidan stand outside of a house as they pose for the photo. Caption on the back reads, "1950's, Portland, Oregon. Adma Sawaya Kahdy my sittie and her friend Aunt Spidie Zaidan."

Date: 1950
Adma and Asaf Kahdy with three of their daughters, Virginia, Fifi, and Sally stand in front of a house in what seems to be either fall or winter. Caption on the back reads, "March 1950. Portland, Oregon."

Date: 1950
Adma Kahdy and two of her daughters, Genee and Sally, stand together as they link arms. The trees in background and the fact that they are wearing overcoats suggests it's either fall or winter.

Date: 1940's-50's
Adma Kahdy and a group of three other unknown women, one possibly Spidie Zaidan, stand together outside in a forest in Oregon as a man seems to sneak into the photo from behind a tree. Behind them, there is a commingling group of people.

Date: 1945
George, Adma, Virginia, and Nell Kahdy stand outside of a house together. George Kahdy is dressed in his Army uniform while his mother, Nell, and Virginia are dressed formally. "1945. Dothan, Ala. George, mom, Virginia, Nell."

Date: 1940's
Adma Sawaya Kahdy George Kahdy's mother, smiling in a formal dress. Caption on the back reads, "Adma Sawaya (Kahdy) from Bteghrine taken either in NC or Ga. George N. Kahdy's mother."

Date: 1940's
George Kahdy and his mother casually walking on the street. George is wearing his military uniform while his mother is wearing a casual dress. Caption on the back reads, "Probably in Macon, Georgia. Dad with his mother. WWII."

Date: 1920's
Asaf Kahdy sits with young George Kahdy on his lap and Adma Sawaya Kahdy sits next to them. Caption on the back reads, "Asaf George Kahdy, son George Asaf Kahdy, Adma Sawaya Kahdy."

Date: 1923
Young George Kahdy sits in between his two parents Asaf and Adma Kahdy who are in formal attire. Caption on the back reads, "George A. Kahdy and parents Asaf George Kahdy and Adma Sawaya Kahdy. 1923 USA."
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