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Date: 1945-02-28
A portrait of Rosita Assaf in her 3rd year of High School, addressed to Theresa from Rosita, dated 28 February 1945

Date: 1945-12-15
A foreign money order receipt from Angele Ellis to Sister Marguerite Louvet and the Orphanage of St. Charles in Beirut (spelled Beyrouth), Lebanon, dated 15 December 1945 for $130.00.

Date: 1945-06-04
A certificate of naturalization for Seghan Kmeid (spelled Sagam Hanna Kamide or Sejaan Kmeid) from the United States Department of Justice.

Date: 1945-06-10
A letter from Yousef Hobeiche to Angele Ellis, dated 10 June 1945.

Date: 1945-06-12
An envelope addressed to Mrs. Angele Ellis, 514 West Street, Carthage, New York, U.S.A.,, dated 12 June 1945.

Date: 1945-09-14
A letter from Yousef Hobeiche to Angele Ellis, dated 14 September 1945.

Date: 1945-09-15
An envelope addressed to Mrs. Angele Ellis, 514 West Street, Carthage, New York, U.S.A.,, dated 15 September 1945.

Date: 1945-11-25
A letter from Sister Margaret Louka to Angele Ellis, dated 25 November 1945.

Date: 1945
Fannie Johns Moses with grandson, Noidrie Moses Jr. circa 1945. A note on the back says "Grandmother Moses Nodrie Moses Jr."

Date: 1945
A photograph of a young Gladys and Dotty, dated 27 July 1945

Date: 1945
A marble relief sculpture of Ameen Rihani done by Lebanese artist, Haleem El-Hage in 1945

Date: 1945
An oil painting done by Mustapha Farroukh of Ameen Rihani in 1945.

Two school records for Victoria Zarzour produced on September 25, 1945. It indicates her birthdate as October 29, 1930 and residence at 319 Lowell St. It lists information about her studies at Lawrence High School and lists her mother's name as Sarah…

Date: June 1945
A promise of employment certificate for Edmund George Samra created on June 29, 1945. It confirms his employment for a Mrs. Pizeira [?] at 309 Essex St. The job description is "helping in the [illegible?] room." On the back is a signed physician's…

Date: 1945
Joseph El-Khouri posing in front of a large cedar in Lebanon.

Date: circa 1945
Unidentified friends or relatives of Joeseph El-Khouri pose in front of a cedar. Also in the background is a bus and other vehicles. Though location is unidentified, the photograph was perhaps taken during a trip to Ba'albek that Joseph went on with…

Date: circa 1945
An unidentified young man, likely a friend or relative of Joseph El-Khouri, stands in front of columns at Ba'albek. Ba'albek is a significant archaeological site in Lebanon containing Phoenician ruins.

Date: c. 1945
A photograph of Rev. Joseph Michael Maroun El-Khouri, father of Joe El-Khouri, seated in front of his house. Two unidentified men crouch on the bottom right of the photograph.

Date: June 8, 1945
"Commencement Exercises of Cathedral Latin High School," the graduation ceremony program for Philip Shehdan.

Date: May 1945
A selection of articles and clippings on the occasion of Philip Shedan's graduation from the Cathedral Latin High School in Raleigh, North Carolina. These clippings were taken from The Cathedralite, the school's publication, and include a brief…

Date: 1945
"The picture you just came from was taken in front of the 6th Division Hdqtrs PX, Tsingtao, China, in December, 1945. A young lieutenant then, Joe is now a Life Member of the Tarheel Detachment.

Date: c. 1945
Caption: "Joseph El-Khouri (second from left) with Father (Rev. Maroun El-Khouri) & Brothers & Sisters in front of their home in Kour, Batroun Lebanon (1945?)". Sister Victorine El-Khouri stands on the far right, but Joe and Sr. Victorine's other…

Date: 1945
A signed and sealed document verifying that Shikrallah Farris changed his name from Shikralla Farris Mouwannes as part of hi naturalization process.
Findlen_Shikrallah Farris Name Change_wm.jpg

Shikrallah Doumit Farris' certificate of naturalization, issued in 1945 after his marriage to Alma Parker of Elizabethtown, North Carolina.
Findlen_Naturalization Certificate-wm.jpg
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