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Date: 1905
A portrait of Margaret Oussani, circa 1905. The back of the photo is labeled "Edsall Studios Wm. G. Diekmann Prop. Portraits 246 & 248 West 125th Street, New York."

Date: 1905
A photograph of Ameen Rihani standing against a railing, taken in Freike, Lebanon in 1905

Date: 1905
A photograph of Ameen Rihani seated at a desk wearing a suit, taken in Cairo, Egypt in 1905.

Date: 1905-01-23
A letter from Ameen Rihani to Michael Monahan, dated January 23, 1905.

Date: 1905-02-02
A letter from Ameen Rihani to Michael Monahan, dated February 2, 1905.

Date: 1905-02-28
A letter from Ameen Rihani to Shibli, dated February 28, 1905.

Date: 1905-07-11
A letter from Ameen Rihani to Michael Monahan, dated July 11, 1905 .

Date: 1905-07-21
A letter from Ameen Rihani to Florence (no surname), dated July 21, 1905.

Date: 1905-09-11
A letter from Ameen Rihani to Mrs. Earle, dated September 11, 1905.

رسالة من جميل معلوف الى امين الريحاني بتاريخ ٣١ ايار ١٩٠٥. فيها يخبر معلوف الريحاني عن كتاب اسند الى الاول كتابته "اجتماعتنا السرية" وانه على الرغم من اسمه "لا يحتوي شيئا سياسيا". ويخبره عن مدى شوقه اليه وانهم الاصدقاء في نيويورك لا يجتمعون، وبينهم…

رسالة من قسطنطين الى امين الريحاني بتاريخ 20 ايار 1905. فيها يسأل قسطنين رأي الريحاني في مهمة اوكلت اليه وهي ادارة جريدة "المنار"، حول نوع المواضيع التي يجب التطرق اليها وكيفية تحرير الجريدة والعمل فيها وغيرها.

Date: Mar 1905
An article in The Tuscaloosa News, published in Tuscaloosa, Alabama on March 16, 1905 "Syrian Peddler Found Dead".

Date: Mar 1905
An article in The Atlanta Constitution, published in Atlanta, Georgia on March 14, 1905 "Path of Blood Leads to Body: Syrian Peddler Was Done to Death in a Swamp".

Date: May 1917
A note created on May 14, 1917, handwritten and stamped on the top and the bottom with the name of Basile Nahas, Pastor of St. Joseph's Church, 293 Oak St., Lawrence, Mass. It confirms that Kareem Smaho, son of John Smaho Wadish, was born May 25,…

Date: 1905
A baptismal record for Elias Shaia, certifying his date of birth as January 14, 1905 and date of baptism as February 20, 1905. It lists his father's name as Mikle Shaia and mother's name as Habouba Hable and their address as 323 Elm St. His godfather…

Date: June 1922
A handwritten letter in Arabic. Confirm baptism of Youssef Tannous on March 1, 1896 by Father Khouri Youwakim alZughbi. Gofather was Youssef Thabit, and godmother was Milana wife of Youssef Afram. Also the baptism of Saba Tannous on November 28,…

A school record from the Franklin Street School, listing Michael Baider's date of birth as November 2, 1905. It shows his residence as 137 Valley St., father's name as Alexander Baider, location of school as Manchester, New Hampshire, and information…

Date: 1905
A Certificate of Birth issued in Manchester, New Hampshire, certifying Karam Baider's date of birth as October 2, 1905. It lists Karam's father as Alexander Baider and mother as Mary Haaan. It is signed by William J. O'Brien, City Clerk.
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