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Date: 1948
Fannie Johns Moses holding her granddaughter, Sandra Moses, child of Norman, 1948. The back of the photo reads "Sandra - 4 wks old w/ Grandma Moses".

Fannie Johns Moses outside with grandaughter Janet Moses (daughter of Noidrie Sr. and Juanita) and two other children, circa 1950s.

Date: 1958
A photograph taken at Grandma Moses' House c. 1958 featuring Janet, Phillip Jr., Michael, Nodrice Jr., and Nodrie Moses. A note on the back says "Grandmama Moses' house 1958? Janet Moses Phillip Moses Michael Moses Nodrie Moses J. Nodrie Moses".

Date: 1959
A copy of a photo of Fannie Johns Moses with three young grandchildren on the porch. The photo was developed in September 1959.

Fannie Johns Moses spraying water from a hose.

Date: 1912
A letter from Margaret Oussani to her Grandma, dated 12 February 1912 written from Egypt.
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