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A passport in Arabic and French. Page 1: Travel document of Tekla Mansour, age 16. destination New York. Document issued on June 10, 1920, with photo of traverlers. page 1: names of accompanied persons: brother (name not clear - Kaveel?) age 10, and…

A handwritten letter by Mary E. Leary, Principal of the Amesbury Street School, on September 7, 1921. It certifies that James Hassey was born on February 7, 1907.

A letter, written by Mary E. Leary, Principal at the Amesbury Street School, on September 9, 1920. It certifies that Najeeb [likely James] Kalil was born on September 20, 1904 and enrolled in school on September 11, 1911.

A physician's certificate of age for Saba Sfier created on June 8, 1923. It confirms their date of birth as June 8, 1907 in Syria. It lists their address as 284 Elm St.

An affidavit signed by Mrs. Aseen Aoun of 262 Hampshire St., Lawrence, Massachusetts, attesting that Mary Nader was 17 years old. This testimony is based on the fact that her own 16-year-old daughter was born one year after Mary Nader. This testimony…

An affidavit signed by William Nader of 73 Hampshire St, father of Mary Nader, attempting to establish Mary's true age as 17 rather than 14. He states that he was incorrect about her age due to a culture of not keeping track of ages in his home…

A birth certificate, issued by the City of Cleveland, certifying February 24, 1906 as the date of birth for Julia Courey. It lists her place of birth as Bolivar Road, Cleveland, her mother's name as Sophia Nahas and father's name as Abraham Courey.

A birth certificate, issued on January 23, 1926 from the City of Lawrence City Clerk's Office, certifying that Rose Kanan was born on October 15, 1909 to parents Thomas and Sarah Peter Kanan.

A birth record, issued by the City of Lawrence City Clerk's Office on November 16, 1922. It certifies that Adella Solomon, child of Bashara Solomon and Raffaela Habib Solomon was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, on March 20, 1906.

An immigration record for Elias Shakkal showing his transport from Marseille, France to New York. It shows he was to depart for New York on July 16, 1920. It also lists his nationality as Syrian and his profession as being a day laborer [journalier].…

A record, handwritten by Francis Hogan on February 27, 1923, confirming the Continuation School's grant of permission for Fred Dowaliby to go to work.

This record kept track of the admission, discharge, and promotion of students in the elementary school system. This document provides information about Alice Assaf including date and place of birth--March 5, 1904, in Lawrence, MA--name of parent,…

An immigration passport, produced by the Department of Public Security, Ministry of the Interior, in Egypt on July 2, 1921. The document allows Michel Bistany to travel from Cairo, where he had been living though he was born in Lebanon, to the United…

A letter, from Rev., Elias Zaytoun of Kinston, NC, sent on September 18, 1922. It confirms that Marie Hatem was born on June 15, 1906 in Hammana, Lebanon, at the Maronite St. Mary Church.

A letter, writen by F. N. Martin, General Second Hand of the Carding Department for Everett Mills, on January 26, 1923. It requests a temporary certificate to allow Faries Corey to work until his passport arrives from Caribou, Maine.

A school record from the Franklin Street School, listing Michael Baider's date of birth as November 2, 1905. It shows his residence as 137 Valley St., father's name as Alexander Baider, location of school as Manchester, New Hampshire, and information…

A studio portrait of an unidentified young woman taken in Beirut, likely in the 1920s. The photograph is mounted on a cardboard mat; the woman is standing on a patterned rug in front of a chair in front of a painted backdrop of trees.

A photo of the Al-Hoda Silver Jubilee held in the Hotel Bossery. (Folder 1-2-3-1)
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