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Date: 1893-07-31
A letter from W. Hobeien to Ameen Rihani, dated July 31, 1893.

Date: 1894
A photograph of Ameen Rihani and his father, Ferris, taken in New York in 1894.

Date: 1895
كتاب الغريب في الغرب [Kitab al-Ghareeb fi al-Gharb], or Strangers in the West: The Trip of Mikhail Asad Rustum to America, 1885-1895, was one of the first, if not the first, travelogues about America written by an Arab author. It recounts the…
al-Ghareeb f al-Gharb_sm_wm.pdf

Date: 1896
A sketch done by Ameen Rihani of characters from Shakespeare

Date: 1896
A sketch done by Ameen Rihani of a character from Shakespeare

Date: 1896
A sketch done by Ameen Rihani of Wilson Barret as Hamlet

Date: 1896
A sketch done by Ameen Rihani of Macbeth

Date: 1896
A sketch done by Ameen Rihani of Lady Macbeth

Date: 1896
A portrait of Ameen Rihani taken in New York in 1896.

Date: 1897
This 1897 Financial Report of the Syrian Society of the City of New York was the first such document in four years, a gap explained by the society's financial struggles. The report begins with an introduction by Ameen Haddad, who gives a description…

Date: 1897-04-24
A letter from Ameen Rihani to Nahoom (no surname), dated April 24, 1897.

Date: 1897-1938
A scrapbook created by the Ameen Rihani Museum that contains materials written by or about Ameen Rihani from around the world. This includes, but is not limited to newspaper articles, magazine articles, book reviews, poems, pamphlets, programs, and… PDF.pdf

Date: 1898
A sketch of a hair study and of a 20th Century Cop.

Date: 1898
A portrait of Ameen Rihani, far left, with six members of his family, taken in New York in 1898.

Date: 1899
خزانة الأيام في تراجم الزمان, contains essays written by Joseph N. Maloof and originally published in the newspaper Al-Ayyam. This collection is comprised of biographical sketches and short histories. Chapters one and two focus primarily on European…
Maloof_1899_Bio of Luminaries_OCR_wm.pdf

Date: 1899
Sketches of "the man with the pipe" and "the strong woman"

Date: 1900
A photograph of Clovis el Khazen, son of the martyr Phillipe el Khazen, undated but likely from the 1900's.

Date: 1900
A sketch of "the British countryman"
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