The Syrian World Vol. 03 no. 05


The Syrian World Vol. 03 no. 05


Vol. 3 no. 05 of The Syrian World published November 1928. The issue begins with an article Ameen Rihani wrote especially for The Syrian World titled The Leper and the Bride of Galilee, a discussion of the cities Nazareth and Tiberias. Rev. W. A. Mansur's Introduction to the Syrian World is featured next, and it opens with the Convocation of the Syrian Constituent Assembly, marking the formal entrance of Syria into world politics. There is also a poem by Dr. Salim Y. Alkazin titled Tobet and Leila, followed by another poem inspired by Ameen Rihani's poem Freedom, from the October issue. Yet another poem titled A Man from Lebanon Nineteen Centuries Afterward by Kahlil Gibran in included with illustrations surrounding it by the author himself. A. Hakim's The Sage of Washington Street is also continued in this issue with a discussion on the marriage problem among Syrians. There is also a report on the economic recovery in Syria (in 1927) that is based on reports from various Consuls. The last article is by Salloum A. Mokarzel, titled Can We Retain Our Heritage? Specifically related to the assimilation of Syrians into American society. The issue concludes with excerpts from the Arab press, the Reader's Forum, and political developments in Syria.


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