The Syrian World Vol. 03 no. 06


The Syrian World Vol. 03 no. 06


Vol. 3 no. 06 of The Syrian World published December 1928. The issue begins with an article by Rev. W. A. Mansur titled A Federation of Syrian Societies. It discusses how Syrian-Americans are organizing these societies in order to secure their future welfare in America and have a solidarity of race. Next is a prose poem by Kahlil Gibran titled Night, the poem is translated from Arabic by Andrew Ghareeb and it is one of Gibran's first writings. There is also a continuation of Dr. Salim Y. Alkazin's story called Laila and Tobet, this one is titled Laila and The Emeer. Following it is an article by Charles W. Fowle discussing the beauty of the Syrian coast that travelers may encounter. Yet another poem featured in this issue is one by Ameen Rihani titled The Two Brothers in which the poet tries to showcase the relationship between God and the Universe as one entity. The last two works are shorter one is an article titled Moslem Prayer a la Parisienne by Fakry Bey Abbaza, which discusses the erection of mosques in European capitals like Paris. The other is a short story titled The Seller of Words which is yet another Arabian Nights story collected by Mr. Katibah. The issue concludes with the Reader's Forum, Spirit of the Syrian Press, and more on the Political Developments in Syria.


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