The Syrian World Vol. 03 no. 09


The Syrian World Vol. 03 no. 09


Vol. 3 no.09 of The Syrian World published March 1929. The issue begins with an article by Ameen Rihani titled At the Gate of Arabia. This article is a travel journal entry of Rihani's own experience travelling to Arabia. Next is a poem by Kahlil Gibran titled The Saint, which recounts an encounter with a wise divine entity. Next is an article titled Children of America, the writing is based off of research and study of the Foreign Language Information Service, and it touches on many social problems which the Syrian World has been investigating for the past few year of its publication. Salloum A. Mokarzel is featured next with an article that covers Eastern Religions in the West. The article is comprised of extracts from the address Mokarzel delivered at the luncheon of the Daughters of the United Maronite’s' Society, Feb. 10, 1929. Next is a short story titled A Day in Abu-Hamed by Dr. Najib A. Katibah. The last article is Discovering the Syrians by James Myers, followed by another update on the successes of Syrian-American federations, it also provides a further list of more pledged societies formed throughout the United States. The issue concludes with excerpts from the Arab press, the Reader's Forum, and more on the Political Developments in Syria.


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