The Syrian World Vol. 04 no. 05


The Syrian World Vol. 04 no. 05


Vol. 4 no. 05 of The Syrian World published January 1930. The issue begins with a discussion on Syrians' contributions to society introduced by Rev. W. A. Mansur. As is usual with Mansur's writings in the Syrian World it is imbued with patriotism and inspiration in relation to the value of the Syrian people. Salloum Mokarzel is featured next with a discussion focused around the changes taking place in the Middle East, with particular attention paid to the fundamental orientation in the character of the people. He discusses the new presence of co-operation taking place within the economic field, the great hydroelectric project of Nahr Kadisha, and detailed accounts of special interviews with Archbishop Antoun Arida. Labeebee A. J. Hanna and Dr. Salim Y. Alkazin follow his article with poems, and Kahlil Gibran presents his literary genius with yet another of his prose poetry titled The Two Learned Men, a story that showcases the struggle of faith. Following yet another poem by Mischa Naimy, Ameen Rihani is featured with a vivid account of the inception and growth of the Ahleyah School in Beirut. Aref El-Khoury's short story titled The Wager is the last work of prose in the issue, which is set in Damascus, with a Syrian-American boy and girl as its characters. The issue closes with excerpts from the Arab press, and an update on the political developments in Syria.


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