The Syrian World Vol. 04 no. 07


The Syrian World Vol. 04 no. 07


Vol. 4 no. 07 of The Syrian World published March 1930. Salloum Mokarzel or the editor opens up the issue with a special article on his visit to the Maronite Patriarch at his summer residence, in which his opinions on home politics and the religious future of his spiritual children in America. Ameen Rihani then presents a further account of his experiences in Jeddah including further interesting discussions with King Hussein, specifically dealing with Koranic Law, and the unorthodox banking operations. Followed by a poem by J.D. Carlyle and An Arabian Nights' Story, Kahlil Gibran showcases his thoughts on the meaning of giving and taking, surrounded by his own illustrations. Dr. Salim Y. Alkazin is next, contributing his another one of his poems titled The Two Answers, followed by another work of poetry by Alice McGeorge. Salloum Mokarzel is featured yet again in this issue with more describing his trip, this time through Southern Lebanon, specifically: Mashgara, Jezzine, Kfarhouna, Al-Mukhtara, Beit Eddeen, and Deir El-Kamar. The issue ends with a poem by Labeebee A. J. Hanna titled Advice to Rash Youth in which she discusses the trouble with making quick decisions. The issue is once again closed with excerpts from the Arab press, information on the Causes of Palestine Riots, and more on the political developments in Syria


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