The Syrian World Vol. 05 no. 02


The Syrian World Vol. 05 no. 02


Vol. 5 no. 02 of The Syrian World published October 1930. The issue begins with another piece by Rev. W. A. Mansur in which he discusses the important material and moral accomplishments of his ethnic peers in order to showcase their overall greatness. As is typical with Mansur's articles he is praiseworthy in order to display his overall message. In this case he gives an appraisal of six Syrian-American leaders in different fields, in order to showcase their important achievements and imbue other Syrian-Americans with pride. Next the editor continues to discuss his travel experiences by talking about his time travelling through the mysterious valley named Wadi'l-Karn, and briefly discussing his time in preparation to Damascus. Continuing on the theme of Damascus is a poem by Thomas Asa sharing that name. Ali Zaibaq also returns in this issue for its second issue, and the Tragic Love of a Caliph is also continued, before a poem by G.K. Gibran titled On Giving and Taking. The issue concludes with a discussion lead by Ameen Rihani on the mission of The Syrian World before the usual installation of the political developments in Syria this month, specifically dealing with the situation in Damascus, The Syrian Mandate, and Moslem and Christian tensions in Palestine.


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