The Syrian World Vol. 05 no. 04


The Syrian World Vol. 05 no. 04


Vol. 5 no. 04 of The Syrian World published December 1930. The issue begins with an article by Rev. W. A. Mansur that features his thoughts on the educational program that the Syrian-American generation follows. Mansur as a mentor to the younger generation once again imbues his writing with patriotism in the hopes that it is far reaching. This is followed by yet another piece by G.K. Gibran titled Song, there is an article with a slightly different tone discussing the economic reconstruction of Syria. In D.F. McGonigal's article the Vice Consul of Beirut speaks on the resources of the country and the efforts of the government in a comprehensive manner. Falling back into the more lyric and fictional literary contributions in this issue there is a poem by the well-known Ameen Rihani, and an address given by Phares Anton BeHannesey at the Lions Club of Hollywood, CA. Before the two most interesting fictional inclusions in this issue, there is also a poem by Dr. Salim Y. Alkazin titled In the Garden of Love. Hailed as the most thrilling contribution is Love and War in the Desert, a modern story that revolves around the love of a young sheikh for a maiden of another tribe, which culminates with her kidnaping at his request. This narrative is further followed by the next installment of Ali Zaibaq. The last work in the issue is a poem by Thomas Asa titled The Gardener. The issue concludes with the Reader's Forum, an update on the political developments in Syria, and a number of excerpts from the Arab press that specifically touch on Syria and Syrians.


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