The Syrian World Vol. 05 no. 05


The Syrian World Vol. 05 no. 05


Vol. 5 no. 05 of The Syrian World published January 1931. The issue opens with Salloum Mokarzel's telling of his trip through Jebel-Druze, and its capital Soueida which lies in the very heart of the country, the scene of the Great Druze Revolt (1925-27) only a few years prior. Next are two works by Thomas Asa one a poem titled The Rose, and the second an article titled Ancient Nations in the Near East, in which he speaks on Voltaire's discussion of the cultural greatness of Syrian ancestry. Asa's presentation of this information is an important contribution to the Syrian World and in the lives of researchers and readers. It is important because of the fact that it showcases the infamous philosopher’s praise of the cultural wealth and significance of Syria and its people. Following a work by Gibran, A.F. Zainey brings about the discussion of Christmas in other lands, which is an informative account of the customs observed during the Yuletide celebrations in Syria. Following a poem by J.D. Carlyle there are a number of translated poems by Abu-Tayeb presented in The Syrian World (trans. by Amin Beder). French author Alice Poulleau then gives her account of Syria, before Toufik Moufarrige describes Egypt. After yet another installment of Ali Zaibaq, The Editor (Salloum Mokarzel) discusses the young generation. His primary focus is the concept that they seem to think themselves more intelligent than their predecessors and parents. Finally the issue is closed with a discussion on the Grave Situation in Palestine, the Reader's Forum, the Political Developments in Syria, and excerpts from the Arab press about Syria and Syrians.


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