The Syrian World Vol. 06 no. 02


The Syrian World Vol. 06 no. 02


Vol. 6 no. 02 of The Syrian World published October 1931. The issue begins with an article titled Two Cities, Two Worlds! By Habib I. Katibah, which is a discussion of the differences between Damascus and Beirut, Syria. While both of these cities are within a close proximity to each other the cultural differences present in both are distinctive and Katibah explains it in depth in his article. A new feature of this issue is the section titled New and Views, in which a staff observer of the paper discusses various headlining articles of the times. This month focuses around the topics of Child Marriages, Starvation in the U.S.A., Um Kalthoum in Syria and lastly when the Mayor of New York James J. Walker met King Feisal of Iraq in Nice, France. There are then a number of poetic contributions all edited by Barbara Young, followed by The Choice of Su'ad a True Arabian Tale. There is also a new section titled Home and Family which discusses various domestic duties, another work by Kahlil Gibran is also featured towards the end of the issue after a short story by Thomas Asa titled The Mystery of Aornholt. The issue concludes with a section of questions and answer directed by Philip K. Hitti, an update on the Political Developments in Syria, and the Syrian World News Section.


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