The Syrian World Vol. 06 no. 03


The Syrian World Vol. 06 no. 03


Vol. 6 no. 03 of The Syrian World published November 1931. The issue begins with an article by Salloum Mokarzel detailing the coming generation of Syrian leaders. Within his article Mokarzel comprehensively discusses the changes arising in Syria as a result of French control and a change in thought surrounding what makes up a leader. This is followed by a poem titled Affluence by Edna K. Saloomey. Kahlil Gibran has a work presented next, as will occasionally happen thanks to Barbara Young a literary executor of some of Gibran's works. The work included in this issue is titled The Deeper Pain. Bayard Dodge is also featured for their work titled Conditions in the Near East in which they have taken excerpts from their own annual Reports from 1930-31 in order to formulate a research based presentation on the current situation in the East. Barbara Young as also in the previous issue is featured yet again for her editing work on a number of poems. After a number of other literary works by writers like Katibah, Charles J. Sassen, A. Hakim, Barbara young, and Dr. Salim Y. Alkazin, the issue closes with an editorial comment, an update on the political developments in Syria, and the Syrian world News Section.


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