The Syrian World Vol. 06 no. 06


The Syrian World Vol. 06 no. 06


Vol. 6 no. 06 of The Syrian World published February 1932. The issue opens with an article by Rev. W. A. Mansur that discusses the racial pride Syrian and Lebanese people should have as a result of the historical accomplishments of their ancestors. Following it is a somber poem by Alice Mokarzel titled She is Not Dead, which discusses how even though the subject of the poem has passed she lives on in spirit. This is followed by a Syrian Folk song translated by Dr. Salim Y. Alkazin as well as another collection of poems edited by Barbara Young. Edna K. Saloomey opens her discussion on the younger generation with Tennyson's poetic words. H. I. Katibah then discusses how a breach in social tradition caused a recent tragedy of love and death in his article titled Blue Blood. Within its pages he recounts the murder of a man who married outside of his social class. Dr. Harold Ingholt then discusses excavations in Syria and Iraq, which have materially added to knowledge of past civilizations and their origins and progress. After two classic Arab stories are shared there is a poem by the late Kahlil Gibran titled Freedom and Slavery. Following the editorial comment on the tardiness of the February issue, it concludes with more on the political developments of Syria, and excerpts from Syrian World News.


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