The Syrian World Vol. 05 no. 03


The Syrian World Vol. 05 no. 03


Vol. 5 no. 03 of The Syrian World published November 1930. The issue starts off with an article by Dr. F. I. Shatara discussing the New British Policy in Palestine. Shatara a Palestinian Arab, followed the events closely and wrote an article describing the situation. It primarily focused around the religious wars of the area, and England's place in reconciling the situation as the colonial power in charge. Featured next is a special article from Ameen Rihani discussing the subject of the Syrian in American art. Following that is Salloum Mokarzel's account of Damascus from his travels, in which he takes the readers through the principal quarters and places of the utmost historic importance. Following a poem titled Ships Sail Out by Alice George there is a continuation of the Ali Zaibaq serial from the previous two issues. In addition to the usual book reviews of the last few issues there are two poems featured each by authors known to the readers, Thomas Asa and Dr. Salim Y. Alkazin. The issue concludes with a further editorial discussion on the New British Policy in Palestine, more on the political developments in Syria, and lastly articles from the Arab press that specifically relate to Syria and Syrians.


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