The Syrian World Vol. 03 no. 02


The Syrian World Vol. 03 no. 02


Vol. 3 no. 02 of The Syrian World published August 1928. The issue begins with an article called A Nation in the Making by the editor, the article addresses the current events of the time in Syria which would have been related to the Great Syrian Revolt. It talks about the cooperation of the Syrian revolutionaries and the French High Commissioner. Following it is a poem by Alphonse Lamartine titled The Cedars of Lebanon (trans. by Toru Dutt). Lamartine visited Lebanon and wrote the poem in homage to his visit. The next article discusses summer pastimes in Lebanon by Ibn El-Khoury. The next article is titled the Tragic Letter and it discusses the role of Turkish women in bringing about social and political reforms by Dr. N. A. Katibah. Following it is an article discussing Assemani a great Oriental scholar from the 18th century. Next Dr. Philip K. Hitti pays tribute to Capt. Emilio Carranza the airman. The last article is again focused around learning Arabic, but is centered on if it is something we should learn it in America. The issue concludes with the Reader's Forum, Arab press excerpts, and more on the political developments in Syria.


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