The Syrian Soldier in Three Wars


The Syrian Soldier in Three Wars


The Syrian Soldier in Three Wars, or al-Jundi al-Suri fi Thalath Horoub, includes the memoirs of Gabriel Ward. Ward was a Syrian-American who enlisted in the US Army and fought in the Spanish-American War in Cuba, in the Philippines War and in WWI. In addition to Ward's own experiences, the book includes biographies of other Lebanese and Syrian soldiers who fought in WWI. These biographies are, for the most part, illustrated with photographs.

Additionally, the volume contains has short essays on a diverse set of topics from the American flag, to Woodrow Wilson and the Czar of Russia. There are numerous tributes/advertisements by various notables of the Lebanese/Syrian community in the US, as well as some poems by Iliya Abu Madi, Nadra Haddad and other emigres intellectuals--works which extoll the virtues of the "Syrian" soldier and war. Finally, there are a few samples of letters from soldiers to either family or Lebanese-American newspapers such as al-Hoda and al-Saih.

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al-Jundi al-Suri fi Thalath Horoub

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