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A card full of well wishes from the Jabaley's department store staff to Youssif (Joseph El-Khouri), the boss (Folder 1-20).
Khouri 1-20 Card_wm.pdf

Date: July, 2009
An obituary for William Jabaley (December 12, 1919-July 11, 2009), brother-in-law of Rose Isaac El-Khouri.
El-Khouri_William Jabaley Obit 2009_printed 2014_ocr_wm.pdf

Date: October 1971
A photograph in the Copper City Advance newspaper of Father Nicholas Shibley, Maria Shibley, Georgette Shibley, and John Shibley. A note on the newspaper states "Cousins of: Uncle William Jabaley." city advance_1971_cousin of william jabaley_pic_crop_wm.jpg
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