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A telegram sent by Ed Rabil to Cecil Mae Bradley, who he eventually married. The telegraph, sent via Western Union from Chapel Hill to Smithfield, apologizes for Ed's absence due to class.

Date: Unknown
An unopened Mailgram addressed to Khouri's Department Store. (Folder 11-18)
Khouri 11-18 Mailgram_wm.tif

Date: 1939-04-15
Telegram to Ameen F. Rihani from unknown, sent to him at the Hotel Seville, dated April 15, 1939. In French it states that the high commissioner has invited Rihani to visit Spain and French protected Morocco. It asks him to wire his ship name and…

Date: 1930-03-15
Telegram to Ameen F. Rihani from Frances Pratt, dated March 15 (no year). The telegram contains information related to locations, potentially of lectures.

Date: 1937-07
A telegram to Lutfi M. Sa'di from Ameen Rihani, dated July (no date), 1937.

Date: 1941-06-08
A telegram, in its original envelope, from the quartermaster general of the US Army to Nasri Fuleihan requesting if he would accept a possible indefinite appointment as associate structural engineer, dated 8 June 1941, another slip of paper…

Date: 1944
Telegrams from Joe Stewart to Emeline Romey from 1944. Stewart sent three Western Union telegrams to share when his train would arrive.

Date: 5/19/1944
Telegram from Joe Stewart to Emeline Romey from May 19, 1944. Stewart reminds Romey that he will arrive in Mobile, AL at 6pm.

Date: 6/28/1944
Telegram from Joe Stewart to Emeline Romey from June 28, 1944. Stewart states that he has been too busy to write but will resume doing so soon.
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