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Date: 1920s c.
A wedding photograph of Christine Kmeid LaBrie and Octave LaBrie circa 1920s.

Date: 1925
A wedding photograph of Angele Ellis and Toufic Ellis in Harissa, Lebanon.

Date: 1926 c.
A copy of a wedding photograph of Nahde Hobeiche and Yousef Hobeiche circa 1926.

Date: 1926-05-16
A wedding photograph of Toufic Ellis and Angele Ellis, dated 16 May 1926.

Date: 1954
A photograph of Jouhaina Hobeiche on her wedding day, dated 1954.

Date: 1926-11-26
A photocopy of a letter from Yousef Sukarye to Angele Ellis, dated 26 November 1926.

Date: 1896
A marriage certificate for John Oussani, only half of the document, dated May 1896

Date: 1896
A letter written by Joseph Oussani dated 5 May 1896. Joseph announces his upcoming marriage to a young Irish Catholic American girl to his parents in Baghdad, begging their blessing since they could not be there. He mentions that his brothers, Yak…

Date: 1925
A wedding portrait of Isabel Oussani and Nasri Fuleihan

Date: 1968
A photograph of a woman wearing a white wedding dress and holding a bouquet in Beirut, 21 Jan 1968

A portrait of Joseph Salem and Amelia Wehbie Salem taken for their wedding. Joseph is wearing his military uniform.

Date: 1942
A portrait photograph of Joseph Salem and Amelia Wehbie at their wedding. Joseph is dressed in his military uniform.

Date: 1983
A photograph of Moise and Vera standing outdoors at their wedding with family and friends around them.

Date: 1983
A photograph of Moise and Vera at their wedding, standing outdoors and holding hands.

Date: 1983
A photograph of a group of people, most likely family and friends, standing on a small cliff watching the wedding of Moise and Vera Khayrallah.

An article from the society section of the Bladen Journal detailing the wedding ceremony for the marriage of Alma Parker and Shikrallah Farris. The article describes the decoration of the Our lady of the Snows Church, the ceremony and the members of…
Findlen_1941_dec 4_bladen journal_wedding of alma parker and shikralla farris_1941_wm.jpg

Date: 1908
A photo of Salloum and Helen Mokarzel on their wedding day. The caption on the back reads "mother and dad." (Folder 2-1-1-1)
Mokarzel 2-1-1-1 Wedding_WM.jpg

Black and white photograph of Joseph El-Khouri (or Khoury) and Rose Isaac at their wedding in 1950 (Folder 2-3).
Khouri 2-3 Photo_wm.tif

Date: May 27, 1892
Volume 1, No. 7 of كوكب أمريكا, Kawkab Amirka. Articles in English in this edition include: an account of the first recorded complete Buddhist funeral in the United States; a continuation of the travelogue profile of a Bedouin tribe; a continuation…
kawkab america_vol 1 no 7_May 27 1892_full_wm.pdf

Date: circa 1950s
This regular 8 reel was generously donated by Marsha Shiver who received the movie from her, Joseph El-Khouri. The video was taken in Lebanon during a family visit back. The beginning of this movie includes scenes from a wedding between two unnamed…

Date: circa 1950s
This regular 8 reel was generously donated by Marsha Shiver who received the movie from her, Joseph El-Khouri. The video was taken in Lebanon during a family visit back. This video includes scenes of the El-Khouri family and their extended relatives,…

John, Frank and Vivian Craddock Habit, Nov. 11, 1951 standing across from Saint Anne Catholic Church after Franklin Hanna Habit's wedding.
NOV. 11.51 PHOTOS 5.jpg

Frank Habit and his new bride cutting the cake at the reception after their wedding.
NOV. 11.51 PHOTOS.jpg

Date: 1960
A photo taken of a wedding march in Kour, Batroun, Lebanon, 1960. The couple whose wedding it was are identified by Marsha El-Khouri Shiver as "Uncle Butros" and "Aunt Afar;" they were relatives of Joseph El-Khouri.
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