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A group photo of Mansour family members, ingluding Juanita Mathis Mansour (far left in chair), Nell Heeden Mansour (second from left in chair), Ernest Mansour (far right in chair), Edward Mansour (far right standing), Ernest Heeden (standing second…

Date: 1950s
A group photo of Mansour family members. Left to Right: Juanita Mathis Mansour, Edward Mansour, Nell Heeden Mansour, Virginia Rabil Mansour, and Ernest Mansour.

A photograph of Virginia Rabil Mansour and Ernest Mansour in a house with a Christmas tree in the background. The caption provided reads "Dad & Mom at Uncle Ern's."

A photo of Virginia Mansour (right) with Ernie Mansour's wife at the beach.

A close-up photograph of a photograph of Virginia Rabil, later Virginia Mansour. The photograph that this image was taken from is linked below.

A photograph of young Virginia Dell Rabil, later Virginia Mansour, sitting on a curb; the caption provided identifies this as a driveway, but does not specify where it was located. Though undated, the photograph was likely taken circa 1945-1950, when…

A photograph of Virginia Mansour sitting in a swamp.

A photograph of Virginia Rabil Mansour standing in front of a painted portrait of her husband, Ernest Norman Mansour, Sr, who passed away in 1983. Also visible are a number of family photographs on the same wall.
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