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Date: 1913 June 7
An inspection card for Efenkehi Bahia produced on June 7, 1913, in Marseille, France. It includes an indication of vaccination and a pink ticket for the S.S. Roma of the Fabre Line.

Date: 1921 Aug
A series of pink immigration records from the journey of Saabeh Sofeir and Deebey Sofeir, aged 13 and 15 at the time of their travel on August 17, 1921. The first document is a receipt or ticket for travel on the Fabre Line paid for by Sarah Sofeir…

Date: 1914 March
An immigration record issued in Naples, Italy, on March 27, 1914, for a journey to New York. The record, likely a ticket, was issued to Saud [?] [Saa?].

Date: 1914 Feb 16
A prepaid ticket, good for one year, for Nazrah Samia created on February 16, 1914. It shows Nazra's passage from Beirut, Syria, to Lawrence, Massachusetts. The cost of the journey is listed as $44.54 for one adult in steerage. It lists Nazrah's age…

Date: 1914 Feb 16
A prepaid ticket, good for one year, for Gamelia Samia issued on February 16, 1914. It shows passage from Beirut, Syria, to Lawrence, Massachusetts. It lists Gamelia's age as 17. It was stamped by A.R. Saunders Insurance at 362 Essex St., Lawrence,…

Date: 1913 July 22
Portion of a ticket to be kept by the passenger. This ticket was issued by the Compagnie Francaise de Navigation a Vapeur Cyprien Gabre & Compagnie [The Fabre Line], a French shipping line, on July 22, 1913. This ticket belonged to Yousef Habib who…

A Prince Line Passenger Ticket for Nasri Fuleihan for a first class sail from Port Said to New York, dated 24 April 1930.

Date: 1921
Billet de Passe (Ticket of Passing) from the French Mason lodge "Les Amis du progrès," order of Mansourah. Certifies that Nasri L. Fuleihan has the first rank and is an active member of Les Amis du progrès. It is dated April 13, 1921.

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Date: 1893
"Yousef" (Joseph) Oussani's ticket booklet to the Chicago World's Fair, 1893. Given to him as an employee for the Turkish Village.

Angele Ellis' ticket for the 15th National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) Biennial Convention in 1969

Date: 1962 May 21
A commencement invitation for Le Moyne College from Kail Ellis to Angele and Toufic Ellis, dated 21 May 1962. Also included are a name placard for 'Kail C. Ellis' and an 'Admit One' ticket for commencement exercises.
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