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Date: 1945-11
A photograph of Tommy Lamar riding a tricycle on the lawn. He is wearing a dark-colored outfit with a light-colored cardigan, dated November 1945.

Date: 1944
A photograph of baby Tommy Lamar wearing a light-colored outfit and laying in a cradle with a blanket, dated 1944.

Date: 1946-04-30
A photograph of Vivian Salem and Tommy Lamar holding hands as they walk down the steps of Ellis and Isabelle Zaytoun's home in New Bern, NC. Tommy Lamar is wearing a light-colored shirt and overalls while Vivian Salem is wearing a white skirt suit.…

Date: 1945-11
A photograph of Uncle Winfrey and young Tommy Lamar posing outside next to a tree. Winfrey Lamar is wearing a military uniform and crouching next to Tommy who is wearing a white outfit, dated November 1945.

Date: 1945
A photograph of Vivian Salem, Bobby Salem, Thelma Zaytoun, Connie Lamar, Tommy Lamar, and Sitty Nasima in front of the porch of Ellis and Isabelle Zaytoun's house in New Bern, NC. Vivian Salem is holding Bobby Salem and is wearing a patterned dress…
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