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Date: 1930's
Mary Nehra Saliba Wehbie and Mikail Mitri Wehbie in separate portraits that have been placed in decorative, golden frames. There are also attached notes that identify both Saliba and Wehbie.

Date: 1930's
Portrait of Mikail Mitri-Wehbie Saliba (Nell Mettrey Kahdy's maternal grandfather). Caption on the back reads, "Nell Mettrey Kahdy's mom's dad. Mikail Mitri-Wehbie Saliba. Early 1900's."

Date: circa 1922
An application for educational certificate for Karim Saliba, age 19, to work at the Pacific Print Works, filled out and signed by the mill's overseer, J.M. Mont, around 1922. It lists Karim's address as 358 Elm St.

A physician's certificate of age for Karim Saliba issued on September 11, 1922. It lists Karim's residence as 358 Elm St. an dconfirming their age as at least 16.

A handwritten letter in Arabic and English (on the left) certifying the age of Karim Saliba and date of birth as March 3, 1903, and baptism on March 10, 1903. (on the right) Arabic, certifying the birthdate of Hanna Saliba on Marc 21, 1901, and…

Date: Unknown
An undated letter from Margaret Brown, principal of the Cross Street School, stating that Elias Saliba was born November 3, 1903.

An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Bronobabas Elia al Antaki on March 5, 1911. It confirms the birthdate of Karima daughter of Michael Saliba on July 24, 1896, and baptism on August 15.

An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Bronobabas Elia alAntaki on March 5, 1911. It confirms the birthdate of George son of Michael Saliba on June 15, 1895, and baptism on July 5.

Date: Unknown
An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Qudsi Saliba on January 8, 1913. It confirms the baptism and age of Gabriel Ayoub, that his age is 17.

Date: Unknown
A copy of the Saleeby family crest. The dominant figure in the crest, the cross, stems from the origin of the name "Saleeby/Salibi," which derives from "saleeb," which means "cross" in Arabic. Family history says that the Saleeby/Saliba family was…
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