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A photograph of Amelia Wehbie seated on a parade float and smiling at the camera.

A portrait of Joseph Salem and Amelia Wehbie Salem taken for their wedding. Joseph is wearing his military uniform.

A portrait photograph of Joseph and Amelia Salem, possibly taken in the 1990's.

Date: Unknown
Amelia Wehbie on a parade float.

Caption from Ron Salem: "My mother on a float in her teens—when Joe saw her, he said that he would marry her"

A photograph of Amelia and Joseph Salem posing seated at a table with a cake in front of them for their 50th wedding anniversary. Anniversarycrop_wm.jpg

A snapshot of Joseph Salem at one of his birthday parties, taken in May of 2007 or 2008.

Date: May 2009
A photograph of Joe and two of his grandchildren, Alex Salem and Annie Apel. Taken on Joe's 100th birthday, May 5, 2009

Date: May 2009
A photograph of Joe and Amelia Salem with their four children: Joseph Salem, Michael Salem, Donna Salem Naeser, and Ronald Salem. Taken on Joe's 100th birthday, May 5, 2009

Date: May 1969
A Certificate of Retirement from the Armed Forces, specifically the Army, given on May 5, 1969 to Joseph Salem Retirecrop_wm.jpg

Date: June 1913
An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Rafael (last name not clear) on June 5, 1913. It confirms the baptism of Maryam Saleem Shalohoob on April 15, 1895, age (18.2)

The baptism certificate for Margaret (Peggy) Domit Moses, signed by the pastor, with the names of her family and sponsors.
domit-baptism certificate-aunt peggy-1911_wm.jpg

Date: Jul-59
A photograph of Joseph Salem, standing outside in his United States Army uniform.

Date: January 1912
A letter from E. J. Cate, Truant Officer for Lawrence Public Schools written on January 4, 1912. It requests the opinion of Dr. J. H. Bannon on the age of Jennie Salem. It lists her birthdate as December 27, 1895, although he questions it. On the…

Date: Jan-62
A snapshot of Amelia and Joseph Salem, sitting together indoors.

Joe Salem photographed with his wife Amelia Wehbie sitting together dressed in their military uniforms. Joe was in Army intelligence and Amelia was in the Red Cross from 1942 to 1944. UniformSeatedcrop_wm.jpg

Date: circa 1942
A photograph of Amelia and Joseph Salem , outdoors in front of flowering trees. An unidentified woman is in the left distance. Amelia is dressed in a ruffled polka-dotted dress with hat and gloves

Date: circa 1935
A photograph of Freda and Shikery Salem sitting together on a front porch, presumably of their house in New Bern, North Carolina.

Date: circa 1919
A hand-colored photograph of Shikery Salem in his World War I military uniform.

Date: c. 1945
A portrait of Vivian Salem looking at the camera and smiling. She is wearing a white blouse or dress with earrings, dated around 1945.

Date: c. 1943/44
A photograph of Vivian Salem sitting outside by Bert Salem and Bobby Salem. Vivian Salem is wearing a dark-colored jacket and striped dress while she holds her son Bobby on her lap. Bert Salem stands next to her and is wearing a striped outfit, dated…

Date: c. 1941
A photograph of Albert Salem crouching down next to his young son, Bert Salem, who is sitting on a bike in the grass, dated around 1941.

Date: c. 1936/37
A photograph of Vivian Zaytoun in a pleated skirt and blouse sitting in the grass. Behind her are a few bushes and a house. The back states that the location of this was 511 Rhem Ave., New Bern, NC, dated around 1936 or 1937.

Date: c. 1936/37
A portrait of Vivian Zaytoun in a dark-colored coat, dated around 1936 or 1937.

Date: c. 1926
A photograph of Ellis and Isabelle Zaytoun standing with their six children, Evelyn Gladys Zaytoun, Vivian Grace Zaytoun, Constance Theresa Zaytoun, Joseph Ellis Zaytoun, Agnes M. Zaytoun, and Henry Stanley Zaytoun. Ellis Zaytoun stands on the left…
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