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Date: 1/7/1904
A letter from Khalil who tells his uncle to do what he sees right in work according to the power he has from Khalil, and to send him the costs of any renovations and contributions to church. He asks about his sister Maryam.

Date: 2/9/1904
A letter from Khalil who advises his uncles to buy the property of Alphons Naqash and use it to build a church. He encourages the family to be in agreement on this issue.

Date: 6/7/1904
A letter from Khalil who thanks his uncle for his recent letters where he confirms the receipt of items (clothes) sent by Khalil. Khalil apologizes for not sending the pistol/gun to his uncle and for not finding a trustworthy person to take it. He…

Date: 8/19/1904
A letter from Khalil who asks about properties or lands for sale in the village, shares news of family and friends in diaspora, and tells him he is sending them money with a friend going home.
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