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Date: circa 1922
An application for educational certificate for Karim Saliba, age 19, to work at the Pacific Print Works, filled out and signed by the mill's overseer, J.M. Mont, around 1922. It lists Karim's address as 358 Elm St.

Date: circa 1918
An application for an employment certificate for Jennie Abdulla to work at Washington Mill. The record lists Jennie's address, her place of birth as Syria, and age as 14.

Date: circa 1918
An application for employment certificate for Alfred Mussawir to work at Arlington Mills. It lists his residence as 53 Cross St., birthplace as Brooklyn, New York, and age as 14.

Date: circa 1917
A certificate of age for Mary Hadid, signed by a physician, confirming her date of birth as February 28, 1900, residence as 182 Maple St., and age as at least 16.

Date: circa 1916
A handwritten statement by Mary Greene stating that Michael Habre has sent to Syria for his birth certificate and that his sister, Lamia, was born here and cannot find her birth certificate. It specifies that both children say they are one year older…

Date: circa 1914
A school record for Joseph Shaheen, born July 15, 1900, and resident at 313 Oak St. It lists information about their studies at the Oliver School and lists father's name as Abdella Shaheen.

Date: circa 1914
A physician's certificate of age for Joseph Shaheen, confirming his date of birth as July 15, 1900.

Date: circa 1913
A certificate of age, signed by a physician, certifying that Toufick Hajjar is at least 16 years of age. It lists his residence as Oak St.

Date: circa 1913
A physician's certificate of age for Adele Hassan Naoum, born March 21, 1897, listing her residence as Elm St.

Date: Aug-51
The revised membership of the Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs in August 1951.

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Date: 2014
A photograph of Sister Barbara Agnew at Namtallah Hobeiche's grave marker in Cincinnati, Ohio, dated 2014. Sister Barbara Agnew located and photographed the grave marker on behalf of Kail Ellis. Also contains the burial record of Namtallah Hobeiche,…

A Kahlil Gibran Memorial Foundation Financial Report dated January 20, 2012. A Kahlil Gibran Memorial Foundation Meeting Agenda dated January 28, 2012 in Austin, Texas.

Date: 2007
The sixth edition of the Lebanese American Club of Mobile Telephone and Pictorial Directory published in 2007.

Date: 2003 May 24
A list of honorees and occassions of the Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs dated May 24, 2003.

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Date: 2002-2003
A list of donations to the Southern Federation Foundation recieved in 2002-2003.

A document from State of North Carolina Office of the Governor detailing Joseph Zaytoun's accomplishments and his appointment to the Symphony Society Board of Trustees. The document is titled, "Easley Appoints Zaytoun to Symphony Society Board of…

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Date: 2002 May 03
A brief history of the St. Elias Maronite Church located in Roanoke, Virginia, written by Loretta Saleeba Jolley. The history includes accounts of some of the earliest Lebanese immigrants, including Father Rabil, an ancestor of Matt Kannan. It covers…

Date: 1999
The membership of the Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs in the year 1999.

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Date: 1998
A list of scholarship donors from the Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs in 1998.

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Date: 1996
A military directory of the Mobile Area Chapter of the National Alliance of Lebanese Americans prepared by Ed Kahalley, Sr. in 1996.

Letter/fax to Kail from Said Kmeid, dated March 4, 1994, declaring the completion of Kail's 'proceeding', birth registration.

A copy of a census record for Angele Ellis and Toufic Ellis, dated 1932, requested for reproduction on 21 September 1993.

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Official letter from the Embassy of Lebanon in Washington to Kail Ellis, on birth registration documents, dated April 30, 1993. Other names also listed.

Date: 1989 July 16
A fragment from the Hobeiche family records regarding the birth and baptism of Namtallah Hobeiche (spelled Namtallah Galib Yousef Badr Hobeiche) who was born on 22 November 1963. The record is undated, but was translated by Angele Ellis on 16 July…

Date: 1987
The officers list of the L'Entasar Club of 1987.'EntasarClub_001.pdf
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