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A probate record signed by Gladys Oussani, Margaret Oussani, and Isabel Oussani Fuleihan, 8 February 1934, regarding Joseph Oussani's death and will.

Date: 1982
Documents relating to Thomas Oussani's estate.

Date: 1919
A Certificate of British Nationality for Nasri Fuleihan, Civil Engineer, dated 31 July 1919.

Date: 1921
A certificate/diploma for Nasri Fuleihan certifying his new rank of Maitre or Master within the Freemasons in June 15, 1921. The document also states he was born in Cyprus in 1891 but moved to Mansourah, Egypt. It is signed by various members of the…

Date: 1921
A bill written in French. The title translated is roughly, "in the name and under the auspices of the Great Orient Supreme Conseil for France and French possessions," and the document claims that "Les amis du progrès have received 500 piastres carif…

Date: 1921 June 15
Same bill as the one above stating that Les amis du progrès received one hundred and ninety piastres carif from Nasri Fleihan for his diploma (certificate) and other monthly payments (mensualites). This bill is dated June 15, 1921.

Date: 1921 June 15
Same bill as the one above stating that Les amis du progrès received five hundred piastres carif from Nasri Fleihan for his second and third rank in the Freemasons. It is dated June 15, 1921. The back of the document also has some writing that…

Date: undated
An envelope, marked "All Calvary," holding documents related to Calvary Cemetery.

Date: undated
Document written in Arabic.


A report card from Mettrie Lari's time at the Lovett School located in Atlanta, Georgia. Dated December 5, 1985.

Barbara Kahdy Estes's passport before changing her last name to Estes. This document also contains a vaccination record.

Copy of George A. Kahdy's certificate of service. A note on the front of the certificate states "Active duty as an officer July 6, 1942 through Dec. 31, 1945. Active duty as enlisted man Sept. 16, 1940-July 5, 1942. Total active duty WWII Sept. 16,…

Date: 1931
Nell Kahdy's eighth grade report card from her time at Elizabeth City High School in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Dated 1931-1932.

Date: 1923
Nell Kahdy's third grade report card from Elizabeth City graded schools in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Dated from 1923-1924.

Mettrey Wehbie Naturalization Certificate

Assif George Kahdy Certificate of Naturalization. Assif was naturalized in Sherman, Texas, on September 12, 1906, but this certificate was issued on April 8, 1947.

Date: 1957-1961
Polio vaccine card used to track the doses received by the Joseph family.

Medical document for Yussif Boua Krouche [very hard to read] indicating the treatment of trachoma infection. The document also states that while it was given on board a ship it did not guarantee acceptance at either a boarding or landing port. It was…

This record, produced in Marseille, France, on August 25, 1910, gives information about Kalil Joseph Assid's immigration in 1910. It provides his age as 17 and birthdate as August 8, 1903. The back of the document gives information about him: he…

Date: 1910
A certification of baptism of (name not clear) in August, 1895. Written by Father Khouri Rafael (last name not clear) in 1910. The document is damaged. On the bottom are a few penciled notations: "Adla Kellil Father Joseph August 15 1895 Mary Kalil."

Date: undated
A manifest sheet for Nohra Assad, or Assad Nohra Said, in Greek.

Date: 1920 May 10
French Republic passport for Elias Shakkal issued May 10, 1920. It states that he was born in Aleppo [Alep], lived in Beirut, and was travelling to the U.S. He was not accompanied by anyone else.

Date: 1945
Message from the News of the Marine Corps written by Odell Griffith about Joseph Zaytoun.

Date: 1945
A signed and sealed document verifying that Shikrallah Farris changed his name from Shikralla Farris Mouwannes as part of his naturalization process.

Date: undated
A copy of the baptism certificate of Toufic Kmeid, from Deir (Church) Mar Abda Al-Mshamar, date of baptism November 14, 1895, by father Aghnatios alAnthony. Certificate signed by father Youssuf Baroud.
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